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What is green?

My understanding of green came over the years of hacking around European and national policies. I don't say I've been there for 10 years, it's close to more than half of that.

1. Green is responsibility,
for your own actions, how you live and what impact that have. Environment is the top issue here, but there are others. Others like

- you buy a product, where it came from? You may have idea what the company behind it put there, but is it the whole story? Ain't. It may be produced under some anti-human rights government, in some "let's be quickly a millionaire" company and also giving boost somewhere to stock market. Does it sounds complicated? Yes it does, and Yes you should care because you are responsible for it. People tend to say, it's not my problem. It is. Because now you can see the responsibility in the wrong countries under extreme governments, slavery in some let's be rich ASAP companies, destroying everything on the way, nature, people, rights. And the stock market? Don't get me started, you should watch news for last two years where the responsibility is there.

- corporations, I've been told many times that they have the right to stabilize their position on the market. That is true but they missed the point. There are too many obvious examples of stabilization in the market by corrupting government officials, money playing the only role and purpose, nature vandalism and species extinction, doing pretty much anything to drive competition out of the market, burning the ships, enslaving consumers into software and hardware technologies, vendor lock-in. People who know me will go, ah Microsoft again, this is not only Microsoft, this is any regular Corporation style and there are thousands of them. You just don't see that.

2. Green is transparency and openness,

I like some of the Nordic countries approach to that, citizens can actually read emails of high government officials. One Minister got busted lately for some nasty stuff with hookers, and this was actually found by newspaper people. This is what I call transparency. People should be able to see what is getting done by their money,
it's not only projects and spending of tax payers money, it's also the position who
execute them. We deserve to know why and how the deals were made, at the end we are
the ones paying for it.

3. Green is nature,

We as a species are failing this world. Driving other species to extinction who were
living here for so many years, even before we came here and whack the whole place. Stuff like climate change, decrease of drinking water, decrease of earth lungs. This is not only about others, this is also about ourselves. Do you think in 20 years we will have enough clean air and drinking water for around 9 billion of people?
That is the problem, we tend to make decision based on local, or better say present information. The big picture is almost always missing.

- climate change

It's here already for many decades, it's just get rapidly into public spotlight few years ago. Did you know that we are really living in age where if we don't make
serious changes in the way we live that in few years some things will happen on this planet regarding changing of environment that nobody cannot make it like before? This is the reality which I totally understood in Copenhagen three weeks ago, explained by the top world scientist on climate change.

- extinction of species

Extinction of species seems to be "relaxed" by the way we live, and some people even say it's the natural selection. When the species are hunted down by us, or we tend to destroy their last habitats, this isn't really a natural selection. This is a crime.
It's getting even worse, we are now hunting down to extinction predators which are the
top part of the ecosystem and which are actually responsible that we us humans developed into what we are. In a sense it's killing your own grandfather, destroying his house in the village to build a shopping mall.

4. Share

Money driven world isn't the right thing. When you put money on top of everything, copyright, patents, knowledge. In the end what really does matter here is only the money, not the content or the added value of sharing, for people to know, to live better. I believe that everybody deserve to know everything which was developed. It's maybe internet content, piece of software, access to technology. Of course the product need to consume resources. But why so many people work around it and get nothing form it, no added value, and only few benefit. In the end these few also try to rip you off even more, ruin your market and enslave you to be their customers. This isn't really the future I believe in.
I believe that people should have the same opportunity for anything.

- open source is green, because it shares the added value in the creation process, it tends to give your possibilities, opportunities and options.

- open standards are green

- open content is green

I'm tired, but only today.


CNBC is a joke, evil one

Point of view for stock market by CNBC was ridiculous for some years now, there is nothing new there. Few days before Bear and Sterns felt totally they were promising fake securities over the company. Now everybody knows it was the beginning of the end of area for traditional western life.

I was reminded today by Jon Stewart how responsible and accurate they actually are.

Jon actually forgot one thing, how evil they are. Do you remember last year who was the major media for streaming summer games in Beijing? It was CNBC! And they got us really nasty.

Do you know what is silverlight? I just wonder how much Microsoft actually paid for "research" of such good marketing quote. It's just another Microsoft vendor lock-in, screw market, slave customers and sink competition (Adobe? Linux? everybody else?). Did I mention that it runs on many operating systems? Three already! in Windows XP is featured by free download,in Windows Vista it's probably included by default, I don't know it for sure, I never used that crap. Third one is the new let's make more revenue since everybody just hates Vista and we spend so much money on advertising and research and development also fancy called R&D. So catchy.

Guess what?
Summer games were streamed via silverlight! Oh man, that's a good one,
for morons the silverlight link was just at the top of for easy spotting, anyway if you clicked on the video the plugin just POPed-UP. Gosh! So easy.

To watch video using a Firefox,
please install Microsoft© Silverlight™

* Larger, higher definition video
* Watch 4 events at once
* Dynamic statistics and expert commentary
* And many more great features ...

Click To Install the Free Plugin

Can't wait to watch four events at once!
Wait a minute, it doesn't really work. Obviously my problem is this crappy cheap alternative that nobody really use.

It's Linux.

So Jon, there is always more to it :)
Love your show!


Microsoft brainwash of Slovak Government

I'm trying to get my mind off work stuff, sometimes it does work out. I thought city as wild as Las Vegas make me forget, obviously enemy never sleeps.

Microsoft is doing a PR closed event about their Interoperability in Slovakia. Guess who is invited? Government representatives, probably some news papers people for cheap PR and brainwash. What is on their agenda?

Redmond beast Wilfried Groomen, responsible for global policy brainwash of governments, and some other nasty interoperability experts from Redmond and Europe. What they will be explaining to our government? Of course, how they cooperate with all the vendors on the market and how they drive interoperability with Linux. Microsoft driven Initiative for document interoperability. Microsoft and Novell cooperation in China. Alliance of interoperability founded by Microsoft and having "vendors" which turns out to be Microsoft Gold Partners (doesn't seem familiar? ISO? National standards committes stuffed with Microsoft puppets to pass propietary "open standard" OpenXML?).
Release of 44 thousand pages of "Interoperability" which most of the case was under
the rulling of EU competition rules and in the end it turned out to be technical specification of products which Microsoft did many years ago.

Are they thinking we are really so stupid?
No we aren't, but the irresponsible government and their stupidity will
just nod theirs heads off to get great deals from Microsoft which at the end turns out to be more expensive than buying the same software via regular IT company which just resells software and can make better deals for government than Microsoft itself.


Open Standards and Corporations national style

I don't want to talk about the corporations which just "claim support open standards" like Microsoft because is fancy, needed and good masquerade. I want to talk about the corporations which are participating in the creation and maintenance of open standards.

I seen some of their action in policy making in Brussels over the years, some of it even had impact. Not so big thou, but the money spending for which they call their own policy is enormous. So the question is, why they do so much on big level and then in the end get beaten by their own national branches spread around EU. For sure is it lack of several things. National branches actually don't really know what is the corporate policy, except budgets, spending and salaries, which they care most about, ah yes and the limit of sold merchandise or services over the fiscal year. But they do engage in the policy making via various association for IT, egovernment, information society. But if you look closer on their members you find really bunch of Microsoft goldpartners and service providers, few hardware resellers and these guys.

I'm a committee member for standards here in Slovakia, under Ministry of Finance, durring our meetings I saw a lot of people from exactly these IT associations defending Microsoft propietary standards, with the money of IBM, Sun and Adobe. White papers clearly discrediting ODF and proposing OOXML or at least DOC. You can tell what is next. Yes, it's the consultations from them to government who just bought licenses from Microsoft for like 300.000 eur in december last year.

I just came to the begining, the beating from the bottom, national branches are in the end acting as their own enemy to HQ office. Enemy within, because of lack of managment, interest and lot of selfishness in private business.

I seen and heard of similar actions happening around EU member states, espiecially the ones
not from the western EU.

It's funny, so are you guys going to get it?